About Us

Chartered since 1965, Troop 352 meets at St James the Apostle Catholic Church most Tuesday evenings throughout the year between 7:15pm and 8:30pm.

Our Troop is organized and operated by the boys, ranging in age from 11-17. The scouts choose what we're doing each month, and function as the teachers, leaders and team members. 

Our scouts have plenty of opportunities for camping and rank advancement. We provide a variety of campouts 10 months of the year and encourage all of our scouts to participate. We typically focus on camping skills, cooking, hiking, etc while encouraging use of the Patrol method. 

We encourage scouts to advance through the ranks on their road to Eagle. We encourage troop leadership opportunities as well as High Adventure opportunities along the way.

We provide our Scouts multiple opportunities to earn and save money in a Scout Account where they typically save for High Adventure and Long Term Summer camping. Fundraising is done at least twice a year. We typically fund raise in the Fall with Council Wide Popcorn Sales and Christmas Wreath Sales.

Families are invited as we recognize scouting achievements in our Court of Honor ceremonies. These award ceremonies are typically held once or twice a year and scheduled as needed.  While Scouts are immediately rewarded with Rank Advancement, Merit badges, and unique activity patches, we officially recognize Scout advancement at a Court of Honor in front of family members.

We recognize that family involvement is key to the boys success, as well as our troop's successful program. We highly encourage adult participation thru either Parent Committee membership/leadership opportunities and direct Scout leadership opportunities within the troop. Adults may volunteer in many capacities including chaperones on campouts, committee members (needed for Boards of Review for example), and merit badge counselors.